Hebridean Dreams


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Ann MacCallum has taken up the post of Commercial Director at HarrisTweedTextiles Carloway Mill. She will be continuing with Her Hebridean Dream albeit on a smaller scale. Ann wants to specialise in Harris Tweed Corsets and will be developing the business in that direction. Please email Info@myhebrideandream.com with your query, or if you are looking to source tweed contact her at ann@harris-tweed.co.uk.

Beautiful soft Harris Tweed and Breanish Tweed made into stunning ladies coats and waistcoats, and stunning co-ordinated bedspreads, curtains and cushions….it sounds like a bit of a dream, well it is. It is your dream and it can come true by contacting Ann MacCallum at her workshop on the Isle of Lewis.

Using the beautifully soft Breanish Tweed woven in Ness Ann can create a coat or waistcoats made to measure and to suit you. They are finished to a very high standard and you can choose the length ,collar, cuff, pocket style that suits you and the fabric that you want. The detail right down to the colour and style of lining is all part of the process of you getting the garment that you want. Let your imagination free and dream of the coat you really want, and Ann can help to make the dream a reality.

Everyone has their favourite views and memories of the Outer Hebrides. Whether it is the deep blues of a summer day at the beach, or the jewel colours of machair, the melancholy orange and purple sunsets or the harsh and rugged greens of the mountains of Harris there are tweeds available that Ann can take and design beautiful co-ordinated bedspreads, curtains and cushions in the colours that you want to turn your bedroom into your very own “Hebridean Dream” Harris Tweed Hebrides has just started producing the new ranges that will act as a backbone to Anns work

It is a really exciting time for the tweed industry and Ann is at the forefront in helping to bring the fabric up to date with designs that are modern and fashionable.

Due to the changes that have happened in the last 6 months in both Harris Tweed and in Breanish tweed manufacture the new colours and patterns are only just coming through so it will be a few months before Ann has portfolio of the new fabrics to show. In the meantime if you call or email Ann she will be delighted to discuss your requirements. The website will build slowly over the next few months so please keep checking.

The unique law that means Harris Tweed can only be made in the Outer Hebrides by weavers working at their own homes acted as an inspiration for Ann to work with the fabric in her workshop at her home in Upper Bayble, Isle of Lewis. That along with living in the most beautiful part of the country and being surrounded by family and friends Ann is living her own ‘Hebridean Dream’ and can help you to live yours.